10 powerful DealtaDo prompts will 10X your interview chances.

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Here are 10 powerful DealtaDo prompts will 10X your interview chances.

1. Write a Cover Letter:


Write a cover letter for the role of [Title] at [Company], emphasizing my experience in [Specific Field/Technology]. Mention how my contributions at [Previous Company] align with the job requirements: <Copy/paste job description>.

2. Networking on LinkedIn for Job Opportunity:


Create a message to connect with a professional at [Company] on LinkedIn, discussing my interest in the [Title] position and how my background in [Specific Field/Technology] makes me a strong candidate.

3. Write a Resume from Scratch:

Prompt -

Write resume for [Title] at [company], [X] years of experience, 3-5 bullet points per role and include 10 key job description keywords. Past titles: [Company A-Y years, Company B-Z years].
<Copy/paste job description>.

4. Check if Resume match with Job Description

Prompt -

Review if my skills and the job description for the [Title] position at [Company] match? Tell mismatch percentage.
Job description: [paste text/link]
My Skills: [Add your Skills]

5. Update Resume

Prompt -

Update my resume for the [Title] role at [Company] by focusing on relevant skills mentioned in the job description.
Job Description: [copy/paste job description]
Current Resume: [copy/ paste current resume]

6. Email to send Resume and Cover Letter

Prompt -

Compose an email to send my resume and cover letter for the [Title] position at [Company] to an employer: [employer email], highlight my key achievements at [Previous Company] and express my enthusiasm for the role.

7. Prepare for Interview

Prompt -

Provide me a list of [number] interview questions based on job description. Job description: [paste text/link]

8. Conduct a Mock Interview

Prompt -

Conduct a technical mock interview for the [Job Role]. I am applying for this position. Ask me 15 questions related to [Specific Field/Technology], one after the other, gauging my expertise.

9. Introduce Yourself

Prompt -

Prepare a brief introduction about myself focusing on my experiences in [Specific Field/Technology] for the [Title] interview at [Company].

10. Follow-up Email

Prompt -

Craft a follow-up email to inquire about the status of your application for the [Title] role at [Company].


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